Send encrypted data and financial value. Privately.

Yobicash ensures you a new level of confidentiality on the Internet and is built with scalability on mind to let you build effective decentralized applications.

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Yobicash uses zero-knowledge cryptography to make your transactions untraceable. You can send money and data to whoever you want to without being spied by anyone. Privacy brings fungibility. No one can say your money from others, and no one can censor it.



All your data is encrypted to enforce your privacy, and when you share it, only you and your peer can know what you shared. You can send the same content to other users, and they will be able to know that its the same content, but what you own and share will stay private to everyone else.



Yobicash backs up your private data in all its nodes, so if you lose it or a node get hacked, you will always be able to get it back. Furthermore, Yobicash employs a “dagchain” to achieve faster confirmation times. You can send money and data, and your peer will have it in seconds, not hours or days.

What can you do?

You can create all the type of applications requiring privacy, storage, availability, and velocity, or just gain Yobicash as a node owner.

Run a node and earn Yobicash

Yobicash nodes are paid for the storage they get to the network. You can run a node, earn some Yobicash and save or send the coins you received.

Backup and hosting

What if you could save your legal documents, passwords, configs or website on a distributed ledger? Yobicash let you do it privately and safely.


Yobicash timestamps and authenticates all the encrypted data, so you can privately register your creations and disclose them to your peers or the public when you want. Everyone with your content can verify that it's the same you registered.

Smart Assets

You can record digital assets as tokens and exchange them to those you want to.

Smart Oracles

Smart oracles are sources of information recording data in a distributed ledger, such as a blockchain or dagchain. You can build a financial ticker, weather service, or just privately send what happens near you.

How to get it?

Yobicash will be available as an open source software, and you will be able to buy the cryptocurrency in exchangers for fiat or crypto.

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